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SonarWiz 5
Chesapeake Technology's SonarWiz 5 is an all-in-one suite of programs for the real-time acquisition of sonar data.  Designed to meet all of your sonar mapping needs, save time, and minimize training costs.
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PB200 Weather/Navigation System
The PB200 WeatherStation by Airmar is an all-in-one marine sensor capable of providing navigation, heading and weather data for marine navigation systems, chartplotters and onboard computers!
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UltraLab® ULS
The UltraLab® ULS from General Acoustics is an easy to handle ultrasonic (non-contact) system designed to accurately measure water levels and waves in laboratory flumes, tow tanks, model basins & wave tanks.
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Streamline Software - Registration

Use this form to begin the registration process for your Streamline product.

IMPORTANT - After purchasing a license, follow these steps to receive your License Registration Code:

1. Start Streamline-ENV or Streamline-GEO to display the Registration Window. If your Streamline product is already running, open the Registration Window by selecting HELP->REGISTER from the main menu.
2. Enter the the User Code shown in the Registration Window in the appropriate space below (copy and paste the codes if possible to avoid typographical errors).
3. Fill in the remaining information and click 'Submit'.
4. You will receive your License Registration Code by return Email and/or postal mail when your order/payment is confirmed. Enter the code exactly as it appears (again, copy and paste the code if possible) in the space provided in Streamline-ENV's or Streamline-GEO's Registration Window and then click 'Activate License'.
5. Streamline-ENV or Streamline-GEO will validate the code. Once validated, all restrictions are removed and the software will be fully functional.
6. Be sure to visit our site in the future and download FREE updates for your product. You will not have to enter the License Resistration Code again during the update unless notified otherwise. Simply install the latest trial version on the same computer.

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