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SonarWiz 5
Chesapeake Technology's SonarWiz 5 is an all-in-one suite of programs for the real-time acquisition of sonar data.  Designed to meet all of your sonar mapping needs, save time, and minimize training costs.
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PB200 Weather/Navigation System
The PB200 WeatherStation by Airmar is an all-in-one marine sensor capable of providing navigation, heading and weather data for marine navigation systems, chartplotters and onboard computers!
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UltraLab® ULS
The UltraLab® ULS from General Acoustics is an easy to handle ultrasonic (non-contact) system designed to accurately measure water levels and waves in laboratory flumes, tow tanks, model basins & wave tanks.
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Environmental Monitoring Products, Solutions & Software

Streamline-ENV is user-friendly software that provides comprehensive analysis and processing of environmental monitoring data and includes tools to operate and manage YSI 6-series and V2 sondes. Here' a sampling of features:

Streamline's pioneering technology let's you see your YSI sonde calibrations come to life with graphs of real time sensor output

Captures and summarizes YSI sonde calibration session information in a comprehensive summary report

Calibration diagnostics system computes pH slopes and evaluates constants, slopes, and warnings to monitor sensor condition

'Auto-Synthesis' data merging takes the hassle out of sorting and combining data files

Visual QA/QC editing makes it easy to remove outliers and suspect data

Import data up to 20 times faster and process larger files in less time

Comprehensive Statistical Analysis methods & reporting

Operates on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 98 and Windows ME ... And best of all, UPGRADES ARE FREE!
Our customers continue to offer great suggestions for new features and we're thrilled to bring these ideas together for the benefit of monitoring professionals.

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Streamline-GEO Water Quality Mapping & Hydrographic Survey System
Streamline-GEO Helping Map Bathymetry & Water Quality of World's Rivers, Lakes, Reservoirs and Oceans
Streamline-GEO is a unique application integrating an ESRI® Geographic Information System with real time data collection of GPS and instrument data including Airmar SmartSensor sounders, commercial echo sounders, YSI sondes, and Turner Fluorometers.

Conduct bathymetric surveys quickly, easily, affordably
Survey water quality conditions in rivers, lakes & coastal areas
Monitor cyanobacteria in drinking & recreational waters
Measure the volume of water in resevoirs
Real time vertical profiling
Monitor dye dispersion from outfalls
Measure conditions near offshore aquaculture farms
Visualize spatial properties with an integrated ESRI® GIS

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